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Runway shows often blur the line between straight fashion and performance art, and Alexander McQueen was a master at both. For his Spring 1999 show, a ravaged-looking Shalom Harlow entered the runway in a plain white dress, and stood frightened on a revolving platform while two robotic arms mimicked her movements and sprayed her dress with paint. This is one of the truly rare runway moments where we saw the collection come to life before our eyes


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When targets of microaggressions attempt to point out the offensive nature of remarks and actions from perpetrators, they are told that their perceptions are inaccurate, that they are oversensitive, or that they are paranoid. In other words, they are out of touch with reality. The experiential realities of those in power are imposed upon less powerful groups by denying their perceptions and life experiences. Interestingly, some have asserted or found that those groups who are least empowered have the most accurate assessment of reality. Such a conclusion makes common sense, as those in power do not need to understand disempowered groups to survive or do well, while those without much power must actively discern the mindset and motives of those with power in order to survive. Women in the workforce must understand the thinking of their male counterparts to do well, but the reciprocal is not true for men.

lise sarfati

i probably have math first thing in the morning but i hope they don’t do that because that’s an online class

for some reason i can’t access my full schedule online??? i know what classes i have already i just don’t know what time they’re all at. i only know what time my electives are at.


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Viviane Sassen | In and Out of Fashion
"I think in my photographs I’m not necessarily looking for the truth. I’m not interested in making statements or.. I hopefully kind of grasp you but you can’t really get to it. There’s always something that is slightly mysterious.. I hope."